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UPDATED – 5:05pm Tuesday 30 Nov – Maybe Saturday might allow (time) for this project to be completed then.

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UPDATED – 8:55am Sunday 12 Dec – It has taken some time to get back to this little project, .. (Here goes)

The first thing when using these (two) plugin’s – # SyntaxHighlighter Evolved -&- # Visual Code Editor – is that you MUST use the HTML-Tabbed-Page to enter the underlying ‘short-codes’.

Expand the code; – From a previous post -> Kubrick theme – (customised dtab plugin) <-

[sourcecode language=”php”]
if (function_exists(‘dtab_list_tabs’)) {

OK – Its 9:17am – Got the SyntaxHighlighter working – And that looks fantastic, with the the code box collapsed, (click the plus (+) symbol) – ALSO visited url –

I get a sneaking suspicion, .. (Only need SyntaxHighlighter?)
There MIGHT be an easier way (method) to do this, … (LIKE; – requiring only one (1) plugin).
Some experimentation -/- testing is required to confirm this.

While doesn’t allow you to use potentially dangerous code on your blog, there is a way to post source code for viewing. We have created a shortcode you can wrap around source code that preserves its formatting and even provides syntax highlighting for certain languages, like so:

UPDATE-FINISHED – 9:45am – Time for Sunday breakfast – and consider an appropriate image for this post

“” (an empty string)

“” (an empty string) – googled? – (answer=yes)

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In today’s web development world, we’re all doing something along these lines, whether we know it or not. Download a new WordPress theme? Make sure you’ll filled in all default arguments. Using a CMS at work? Make sure all your image URL fields are validated. It’s frightening easy to end up with this bad code on your page

Well the real reason for this post is to provide a link to url – – Which provide some MORE useful hints for the keen (amateur) web-developer.

Especially when they to point to something that I might be interested in LIKE *.css –