Skype (Ubuntu 10.04, installation on usb stick)

It works!
UP-DATED – Mon 8 Nov 2010 – The chat components works – (Today testing the audio, .. and this laptop r61-lenovo requires some ‘configuration’ to make work, .. so will try an external microphone to capture audio) – Audio works!

Google search – ‘Download Linux Skype v.‘ –

Downloaded and Installed Skype (For Ubuntu 10.04 usb-installation) – url –


downloading – skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.81-1_i386.deb – (*.deb packages from DebIan) –

19.2 MB – Downloading on what I thought was a VERY slow connection.

Double-clicking this package – started the installation – (Just like a windows *.exe installer) , … there is some dependancy upon an-other six (6) file’s, which was all taken care of by the skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.81-1_i386.deb installer automatically

To use – follow the menu path – Applications | Network | Skype – { Login etc }

Find Skype
+ Network Skype +

Linux Distro Torrent

GOOGLE SEARCH – Linux Distro Torrent

WHY-THIS? – Needed to download something to TEST the new ISP Data-Rate CHARGE(s) – How Telstra new $$$charge-rate$$$ works for “Prepaid-Mobile-Broadband” – [NOT to be mixed up with Mobile-Phone charge-rates]

DOWNLOADED – absolute-13.1.42.iso – from-url – – [679 MBs]

WHY-THIS? – [The linux-Tracker-url; Is what I want recorded HERE] – (Side-tracked by all the other guff that gets required to complete this process using a Bit-Torrent-Download-Manager) – Just wanted to record this website-url –

Linux-Tracker – Could be VERY useful for FUTURE distro downloads – As I found a number of sights that wanted sign-up and $$$~money~$$$ -/- credit-card DETAILs to access their *.iso downloads

TO-RECAP:- Linux Tracker provides a quick easy way to find Bit-Torrent files to access and download.

preserve changes (persistent mode)

This tool at “pendrivelinux” – looks to be a tool that will help resolve the persistent-mode (preserve changes) – on USB-Linux-OS(s), … (follow the link below)

There is a number of other article(s) here on this topic – (Read and follow the tools required to do what you need)

The post might seem a little “Lacking explaination” – but I dont really have time to fillin all the details – (AND; I do NOT have to time to test and document, any of these things here)

Just like to post the links here for later reference when I MIGHT (Have the time) and, .. want to get back into testing USB-Linux operating systems – (more than likely, .. ? YES!)

Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2)


SENARIO = THIS; – Needed permissions to “Write-Files” into the plugins directory.

This browser (Iceweasel), ..  is some derivative from the Firefox stable. And it is the default browser with this distro.

The default behaviour, where it reverts to its original-state after shut-down -/- reboot, .. deletes any files left on the desktop, and removes all browser shortcuts and history.

I had previously confirmed the correct file -/- plugin required to make youtube-videos play, .. using the Linux Firefox ver 3.6.3. Once this file ( was copied into the plugins directory, and restarted the browser, .. youtube-videos play. This browser was installed onto a separate harddisk mounted in the docking-station, .. and so now, always available.

BELOW – The sequence of commands used – (after; su – ) to allow me to write ‘a file’ into the plugins directory (NON persistent version of Knoppix on usb-stick)

Finally got it to work! – ADDED – (permissions) ugo+w to the target directory. Actual command typed out below –

chmod o+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins
chmod g+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins
chmod u+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins

There might be a short-cut to do “All-three” of these in one-go.
AFTER completing the adding of permissions in this manner, …
I was able to copy and paste the iceweasel-plugin required into this directory. ( – All that is required to make the youtube videos play.

While some of the webpages are still in the History of this browser, (I will list them quickly below)

#1: –
#2: –

UPDATE: – (Repeating this process will reinforce what has been learnt) – the screen-dump below shows only the command used to complete the “permission-changes” required to allow writing to the plugins directory.


Some other notes taken from youtube video on basic permissions (pasted below)

The GUI – Hide(s) the permission(‘s)
Most graphical tools hide the detail.

ls -l
ls -ld

Displays the permissions of the directory

ls -l .

Lists the content of the directory
. dot means the current directory.

+++ +++


#1: – Users,
#2: – Group,
#3: – Others,

The tutorials focus on setting permissions on “a-File” – where-as I am wanting to set permissions on the actual directory.

I will have to repeat this process -(every reboot) – for this usb-distro Knoppix 6.2 ~

HENCE; – Need to learn about the next topic called >>> Preserve changes or Revert on Shutdown <<< – which, … requires some definition of exactly what this means. (New post required here, – as this is getting right-off the original ‘post-topic’) – (A link will be added soon for topic “Preserve Changes or Revert on Shutdown”)

FireTorrent 2.0.1 (add-on)

Installed the firefox addon called “FireTorrent 2.01” – (to download Xubuntu-iso >>> xubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso <<<)

Currently using Knoppix 6.2 – but figuring out HOW to install “a” torrent-client, was harder than it sounds, .. so I searched on the Firefox-Addons for bit-torrent clients, … install the addon, … and downloaded xubuntu.

+++ Just want to note some url(s) for later reference +++

#1: –

#2: –

"Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources." - Olivier Fourdan, creator of Xfce Xfce 4.6 embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and re-usability. It consists of a number of components that together provide the full functionality of the desktop environment. They are packaged separately and you can pick and choose from the available packages to create the best personal working environment.

Multi-function device (Canon MX700)

Got the Canon MX700 printer working. Used printer driver – Canon PIXMA MP520 – CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.3 – (Works the Canon MX700 printer with Ubuntu 9.04) – Did I tell you it is working? .. HERE is another link to ubuntu-forum on configuring the MX700 printer –

GOOGLED – Linux scanner drivers canon MX700




The sane-pixma library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
backend that provides access to Canon PIXMA multi-function devices
(All-in-one printers). The backend implements both USB interface and
Network LAN interface using Canon’s BJNP protocol. Currently, the fol-
lowing models work with this backend:

PIXMA MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190
PIXMA MP210, MP220, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270
PIXMA MP450, MP460, MP470, MP480, MP490
PIXMA MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP540, MP550, MP560
PIXMA MP600, MP600R, MP610, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP710
PIXMA MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970, MP980, MP990
PIXMA MX300, MX310, MX330, MX700,

Multifunction Canon mx700
Make work with Ubuntu 9.04

MX850, MX860, MX7600
MultiPASS MP700, MP730, PIXMA MP750 (no grayscale)
ImageCLASS MF3110, MF3240, MF4010, MF4018, MF4120, MF4122
ImageCLASS MF4140, MF4150, MF4270, MF4350d, MF4370dn, MF4380dn
ImageCLASS MF4660, MF4690, MF5770, D480
I-SENSYS MF4320d, MF4330d
CanoScan 8800F

The following models are not well tested and/or the scanner sometimes
hangs and must be switched off and on.

SmartBase MP360, MP370, MP390

Something about needing libusb -???- – (./configure  -&- Make-work tomorrow)

UPDATED: – [Start-Time = 1:15pm sunday] – After having a little think about what needs to be done, … I have opened the synaptic-package-manager, … and SEARCHED on the term “libusb-dev” – which is available, an marked for installation. (All done) – now the instructions provided by can be completed.

UPDATED: – [FINISHED – 2:15pm sunday] – Managed to complete all the installation instructions, .. running the command $ xsane – tells me access-denied – (That bit of the instructions says copy and rename file “XX-libsane.rules” – The files on my system are named “70-persistent-rules-net” – and I dont understand HOW to set permissions (yet) – … something for me to figure out. – (Might see IF I can run it from the admin-account, just to test the actual driver installed correctly)

UPDATED: – [TESTING -/- CONFIRMED WORKING – 3:15pm ] – Ie; –  “Canon MX700 Sanner” is working now – (Usng sudo xsane) – which, as it turns out is VERY disapproved of, … (sudo =  using the administrator account in M$-windows)


You try to run XSane as ROOT, that really is DANGEROUS!

!!! – Do not send any bug reports when you have any problems while running XSane as root: YOU ARE ALONE!

Ubuntu 9.04

There is newer versions? – { insert latest version number here _? = ver 10.10}

Installed Ubuntu 9.04 – (Onto Lenovo R61 laptop) –

The Vista-Biz (error) – was just not working for me – (Forced to try an alternative)

Will see how I get on with Ubuntu for the coming months –

NO going back to Vista – (The recovery disks FAILED, .. think the hidden partition might remain, .. for now I dont care)

NOTED – (Some links related to Lenovo forums)

LENOVO – Australia


Lenov-FORUMs –

VISIT: – R61 Hard Drive Upgrade – How best to do?

10+ Mistakes Linux newbies make (ZDNET)

10+ mistakes Linux newbies make

10+ mistakes Linux newbies make

Here’s a look at the most common Linux desktop mistakes by new users. Avoiding these pitfalls can prevent a lot of frustration.

THATS-GREAT; – (Just copied and pasted the image-and-text, from google-Chrome, into this post open in Firefox) – and it will be published exactly as is, without any further formatting from me.
Opps spoke to soon, … I want the link to open in another window, AND, the font is way to small.

This article, managed to keep my attention, and I actually read the whole article from start to finish (Including ALL the comments), .. that is most uncommon for me.


I have spat the dummy with Vista -/- Lenovo -/- Crapware -/- Adobe-Reader -/- BROWSER – App-Crash-HANG, .. (What-ever the problem – it is NOT fixed – and persists – GRRRRRR –

Writing this from BT4 – (Back-Track Ver4) – (USB-Key installation of Linux Distro)
THIS-POST; – Is going to look VERY rough! – (Some browser feature like Java is missing -AND- Adobe plugins still required for the “Out of the Box” install of BT4)

Booted into BT4 – (Command-Line?) omg – ok – “startx” – (Starts the GUI)
AFTER; – getting into the graphical interface – (Connect to the Internet?) –

Services | Network | Start Network – (They really have made this easy for the new-comer) – Via Firefox Ver 3.0.15

Had to figure out HOW to mount, (any drive) – LIKE – The laptop HDD -OR- external HDD with backup files.

mkdir /mnt/usb2
mount /dev/sda2  /mnt/usb2
Which has given me access Via the Konqueror-Browser

UPDATED – Sunday 20 June 2010 – Found the Ubuntu-Mount/USB instructions HERE >>> <<<

MORE >>> About mounting file-systems and Harddisks – Search “Tech Anvil” on YouTube, … (This guy provides a NICE short demo / tutorial using ANY linux-distro to mount-stuff, … { Embed-video below } – HERE it is >>>

Damn – All sorts of stuff is NOT working – so the instructions above can NOT be completed right now, … So here is the url to visit on YouTube – >>> = Tech Anvil <<< – That will be interesting to see exactly WHAT is requried to make “normallity-return” using firefox on BT4

5:55pm – All sorted – The BT4-Team have a Firefox-Addon called – built into the browser – as installed out of to the box, which blocks-scripts.

Had to reset the password on the blog.

Text-Editor-Kate; – (Very nice editor) – I could get used to this!

XXXX – X = OBSERVATION – WordPress-Interface is displaying the pTAG for (paragraph) – XXXX – Checking the blockquote tags work? – Answer = YES – which provides SOME control of the formatting

SAVED-DRAFT – (just messed up the NICE formatting that WAS displayed BEFORE the save)

AFTER a forced interruption like THIS, it is difficult to resume WHERE I left off, I dont even feel like reading it now, … I am going for a walk!

BELOW: – The sequence of text “Vista-Related” -AND- saved into notepad, … that FORCED the “Change of OS to BT4” – considering it is now 4pm – I am happy to get THIS far, and be able to complete this post 🙂 –

WTF – Now() 2:15pm Thursday 27 May 2010 – Three browsers NOT connecting to the Internet!

SITES; – Attempted to open, BUT – The “App-Crash-/-Hang”-PROBLEM still exists.

Have made Chrome the DEFAULT-Browser, … AND – there is 15-Tabbed Pages open

AND; – Outlook 2007, Word-2007, Windows-Explorer, 3-Notepad-Files, …

AND; – Outlook can still send and receive “Test-Emails” -/- Just the browser(s) can NOT connect.
Tried, IE8, Firefox-3.6.3, Chrome being the default browser.

PREVIOUSLY – IF Firefox was to HANG, … I was able to open the alternative browser, and continue, … WITHOUT having to REBOOT.

NOW() – The three-browser (listed above) display NOTHING.

The Lenovo-Vista-Crapware-Abobe-COMBINATION, seems to Fail for me, and the Event-Viewer, (eventvwr.exe), … WHAT does it tell me?

PAGES NOT VISITED; – (Might revisit soon) – { Section Links ~ CUT / Deleted }
Might have to FORCE myself to start using the USB-Linux – (Knoppix 6.3) – As to date the problem continues to exist, making ME, post into notepad, … what you see above! GRRRRR – 2:20pm Thursday 27 May 2010 –

It really disrupts ANY “Workflow” that MIGHT have existed! – Rebooted, back into Knoppix, … That will teach it! – But I want to post-THIS into my GRD/blog, … once I boot into knoppix, … BACKUP – AND – Not the localREF-PATHinfo – *uc* – So I have Two copies – (Gotta be able to access one of them from Knoppix)
xxxxx\C:\Users\grdanson\Documents\2010\ERRORs\AcroRd32_exe\ { 3_NoBrowsersConnect.txt }

TIME – 2:25pm – Backup to external HDD! – Starts NOW()

I will have to FIND the Knoppix usb (asap) – but for now BT4 will suffice! – FINISHED 4:15pm Thursday 27 May – AND – There are four comments to respond to – I have approved those, but will get back to the “responding-bit” tonight, .. Thanks for the comments –

Calendar Start Date

Modem / Router – Have a ‘calendar-start-date’ (Jan 1 1970)

CONCEPT: ‘Date-Handling’

EXTENDED: date handling on machines in the world today

QUOTE: [From url;] “Most programs work out their dates from a perpetual second counter – 86400 seconds per day counting from Jan 1 1970”.

A LITTLE BIT MORE; (Text pasted below from url 2038-Bug, all adds up to a more-complete picture – THIS provides a information about WHY my 1st DLink modem and router, contained the 1970’s date, which is a start-point, LIKE ‘as if time started here)

Of course we now know that the prevalence of computers that would fail because of this error was greatly exaggerated by the media. Computer scientists were generally aware that most machines would continue operating as usual through the century turnover, with the worst result being an incorrect date. This prediction withstood through to the new millennium. Affected systems were tested and corrected in time, although the correction and verification of those systems was monumentally expensive.

There are however several other problems with date handling on machines in the world today. Some are less prevalent than others, but it is true that almost all computers suffer from one critical limitation. Most programs work out their dates from a perpetual second counter – 86400 seconds per day counting from Jan 1 1970.

OTHER LINKS; (That pointed me towards this topic)



#3: google ~ 2038+bug (Do more research as required)

Comment / Post  By Rashad Brubach reference for THIS post