3G Data Device

Modems supplied by Telstra – Model-Details NOT provided with “Retail-box”
AFTER much searching around, … (Project; –  port-forwarding) – I came across this, … and thought I might need to reference this again soon.

Telstra Turbo Modem – Model: MF 626i

UPDATED -[1:45pm Sat 25 Sept]- http://www.zte.com.au/main/MF626i.htm – (download the manual from this url)

UPDATED -[2:15pm Sat 25 Sept]- http://www.zte.com.au/main/MF626.htm – (VERY similair page without the “i”) provided “another-manual” in pdf-format – giving some “extra-techical-details”

THIS-INFO – Found in whirlpool forums archive [titled] – ZTE MF626 unlock Free


AND-THIS; – (Might be a ouseful reference)
ZTE MF626 unlock Free

How to Unlock a ZTE MF626 3G Wireless Modem

Download Unlocked Firmware for it here:

Use at your own risk – you have been warned

Post review –

Reviewing post-titled; -“ThinkVantage Technology

Now let’s be honest. We load up this software because we receive money from the vendors to do so.  You as a consumer are much more likely to buy the full or upgraded version of a program if you already have it preinstalled.

I like to repeat that message: – (As the crap-ware, .. combined with Vista, .. was really bad)
QUOTE: – we receive $$$-Money-$$$ – to put crapware ‘pre-installed’ on you computer

Revisit ThinkVantage-Technology today – and relive all those wonderful-times

+ Dowork.cmd +

sumfink is not right – (with RSS feed)

RSS – FEED (Now working 10:03pm Sat 11 Sept 2010) url = http://feeds.feedburner.com/GRDEnthusiast

Please “Re-Subscribe” – (Anybody using the old “Security-Ethusiast-RSS-feed” has been removed) – Some details as to WHY is posted below. Sincerest appologies for any inconvienice created, .. but as usual, … the technologies fail to “just-work” without some ongoing adjustments to configuration settings

THIS = Test-Post – (Maybe deleted soon)
TEST = Check procedure to insert RSS-Feed – (And to be using the rss-link-button-image)

CHECK – (via – http://feedvalidator.org confirmed working)
albiet with 5 errors of the Youtube-Type-Of PROBLEM –

MY-QUESTION – (sunfink screwy is going on)
Why is THAT-POST (RSS in Plain English – http://grd.net.au/blog/?p=2753) – Always at the TOP of my RSS-Feed?

AND; – Will this code below – (Pasted in the “normal-post”, help to resolve this issue) – also require the “valid rss” image to be uploaded – (But where?)

[Valid RSS]

Ok – that tells me something ouseful
AND – If I upload the file “valid-rss-rogers.png” in the root directory of this blog – the code above can find the little “valid rss-image” – and displays it in this post. YEY!

What shall I do with my newly found knowledge, of rss feeds?
I could start with “Removing” the, ..

content:encoded should not contain object tag (5 occurrences)
WHICH object tag -???- (wtf?)

Start with Deleting post “RSS in Plain English” Video. (Such decisions for the webmaster?) – Ill get back to this later -/- soon. [END-TIME; 10:15am]

The problem -???-
The comments attached to this post – Is there any thing worth while to read there?
Is there any responses from myself – that might be useful -/- resolve some technical issue?

[BACK-SOON; 10:20am] – Gotta go feed and water a cow –

UPDATE – 9:15pm – Have deleted the “old-feed”, and will create a NEW-feed – appologies to any users subscribed – but some RE-Configuration is required to make this thing work BETTER.

UPDATE – 9:59pm – Have “Deactivated” three _wp-Plugins, (Deleted one of the three) … and this action has now allowed me to re-configure a NEW “rss-feed” via the nice people a feedburner. The new rss-feed = http://feeds.feedburner.com/GRDEnthusiast

Certification renewal

FROM – http://www.certmag.com/read.php?in=3949

CompTIA recently announced that effective Jan. 1, 2011, certifications such as A+, Network+ and Security+ will be valid for three years and then will need to be renewed. – (Read the complete article on the url above)

I am yet to complete a certification – (Just watching the developments as they happen)

In revising its recertification policy, CompTIA brought itself in line with an overall trend in the certification industry of making certification not once and done but rather a continual process.

blog maintenance (comments approval?)

Due to other commitments (Moving house) – The commenting system will be UN-Attended.

Hence, replies to comments might be NONE to very minimal.

Comment(s) will be approved or deleted – (Depending upon appropriateness)

UN-Attended, does not mean spam comments will be allowed or approved, (Unless it serves a useful purpose to GRDblog)

UPDATED – Sat 24 July 2010 – (This sticky post will be “un-stickied“, .. once the moving is completed)

UPDATED – Tue 27 July 2010 – (Most comments (18 in total for Today only)  approved from the spam bay, .. ) -???- Why these comments are considered SPAM is mostly due to the nature of the comment (AND; The link to promote other websites ? confirmation required here) -ANYWAY – There was a number of comments asking for a response to various questions, … AT THIS POINT IN TIME; – the moving-house /shed is (Stage-1) completed – over the next couple of weeks I expect this process to be finalised. UNTIL THEN – my reponse will be VERY minimal to NON-Existant (approved comments only yes!) – Due to other work-loads and commitments.

THANKs for all the comments – (Normal posting and responding to comments will resume asap) – might be as soon as Thursday, … but it could be Monday next week.

I can tell you this, .. It will not be today (Currently 4:45pm) as I will not have Internet access over night, … AND; – It will not be tomorrow, … due to work-related activities. I dont even have time to read them all, OR vet out the obviously spam-content or otherwise.

WARNING – links to porn-site might appear in the commenter -/- links as a result, .. of neglect on my behalf – (You have been warned!)

New procedures / policies (Currently being developed) – to deal with this senario – As the comment will be downloaded to my Outllook email-client-software, … I will be able review-all-comments, … provided today, … and possibly respond -/- delete as required, – (the next day) – as you can imagine this process will place a 24-Hour delay on all comment-approvals and response(s).

Some comments will be difficult to evaluate without an internet connection, but I will get back to this soon, (I promise) – does that sound LIKE a person you could trust? – I did say it with a nice smile.

UPDATED – Thursday 29 July 2010 – NEW GUIDELINES: –
Delete comments OFF-Topic
Close all “Posts” with Automated-Comment(ing) software – spamming a post with the “same-message” more than once.
Existing comments are reviewed and DELETED according to guidelines 1 and 2

I might make an exception for this one – “Amusing comment on SophosLabs blog” – as it is on a post that has no comments on it – (HENCE; – here becomes the time-consuming bottleneck, please refer BACK to guidelines 1 and 2 – (No exceptions)

The problem with a comment LIKE this; –
#1: – There is a LOT of links, ..
#2: – It contains badly form sentence(s)
#3: – It has Numbers – (AND; no “English-text”) as the link-text
#4: – The links MIGHT be bad -OR- non-existant urls (I am not here to check your rushed comment)

GRD/blog comment management guidelines

ANOTHER UDPATE: – (Backlog due to lack of Internet access)

The commenter (Using Automated-Software -???-)

Post(s) nice compliments – hence playing to a perceived vulnerability.
The old adage – Flattery will get you everywhere – has a ring of truth, .. BUT off-topic comments are trashed.
AFTER receiving the same “TYPE” of comment again, and again, the novelty wears thin.
On the third and fouth comment(s) – it plainly becomes ABUSE.

RESULT = DELETE all comments from Automated-Software LIKE auto-spammer

UPDATE – 7:15pm Monday 2 Aug 2010 – Moving stuff continues, .. getting close to being FINISHED! (Yey!)

UPDATE – 10:15am Friday 6 Aug 2010 – Can say the last trailer-loads will be moved – (In the coming week) – normal “blog-activities”, .. maybe resumed soon – (blogging considered normal?) – moving house is NOT normal – what a strange word normal is, … normal, Ill say it again NORMAL – (audio would be best to convey the lack of meaning here) – If I continue repeating this word – it takes on an completly absurd nothing(ness) – Ill stop doing it now.

UPDATE – 9:47am Sunday 15 Aug 2010 – keys delivered recently, ..  to new-owner. Stage-1 moving is complete. UnStickied this post today.