ERROR – Can’t select database

In an effort to simply -/- document the problems encountered, … this might seem incomplete and missing HUGE sections of information to make complete or whole.

This error was encountered while testing ‘install-procedures’ – to make a working-version of the GRD-blog – using Server2Go – (MySQL, php, Apache) backend to support the most recent-version of (cms) wordpress.

 alt-text = MySQL

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UPDATED – (8:55am Sunday 14 Nov 2010)

#1: – ERROR – Can’t select database -[10:09 PM 10/17/2010]-

Confirmed yesterday – the solution – EDIT – wp-config.php – (Working notes follow, example-1)

USER-NAME = root
DatabaseNAME = 3_02

IN MORE DETAIL: – (Example-2)
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘3_02’);
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root’);
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”);
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

Yes – the password is deliberately left blank, contained within the single-quotes,  ‘ and ‘ –  (confused yet?)

For purposes of ‘making the installation work’, – password -/- security issues are completely disregarded, .. the DB_name, ‘insert-selected-name’ – I have used the number ‘3_02’ – as this represents the wordpress-version-installed – (Hope that all makes sense) – please read this AFTER tutorial has been read -/- understood, …

TUTORIAL – (on url)

The number-1 error encountered, (while creating a local-installation of my blog) was ‘cant select database’. There were some other issues and edits, (such as changing the 2-GB limit for the size of the “blog-import” to something larger LIKE 4GB, .. REF php_ini4GB.txt) –

UPDATED – 11:55am – (After googling ‘MySQL Database’) – and following some of the image-links) – I found this, ..   – setting-up-a-mysql-database – The shark-eating-diver, . . just the right analogy for database-admin-projects

CNC (machining)

Youtuber – ivanirons  |  20 January 2008 – URL –

Learn CNC Basics E-Course:
This is the sign up overview video for the Learn CNC Basics E-Course. Check it over as it gives details about the Free 7-Day CNC E-Course. The video gives a general overview of what the 7 Day CNC Course is about.

Topics Include:
CNC Intro
CNC Design
CAD Design
CNC Controlling
CNC Machining
Final CNC Projects

Check out this CNC Intro Video from CNC Information.

Auger Industries was founded by Richard Auger in an 800 Square Foot shop in Santa Ana, California on June 1,1968. He started machining aerospace parts such as Rod Ends, spherical Races, Balls and split races. The company grew into a five man shop over the years. In 1975 Richard realized that the future of machining lay in numerical control. He purchased his first N C lathe that year and learned to program it by hand. In the next few years he added more NC equipment and his first CNC mill. The company moved to a 7500 Sq, Ft. facility in Anaheim California on March 1 st of 1980.

Theme broken -?- (not any more)

There is number of things that display differently since changing to wordpress theme Piano-Black (version 2.2) – Ad_Blah – pasted below in block quote(s).

Piano Black 2.2 by mono-lab

This theme supports widget, threaded-comments, theme-options,and translation is ready. Also including page-navigation and multi level dropdown menu.You can see live demo including more information here

After having it installed for the last ten days or so, … I can review it as an interesting theme, but will might return to the Kubrick theme simply due to familiarity with that, and time-constraints not allowing endless (re-configuration of a theme) activity.

The blog theme is going to look very rough for a few days, and navigation will be minimal.
Confirmed-Broken – the wordpress control panel tell me a *.css style-sheet is missing.
Confirmed-Broken – opened site with alternative browser (ff 3.6.3) and formating still broken.

UPDATED-POST; – Monday 28 June 2010 – (This seems very relevant after in context of this post – RE: – stuffing around with some stuff that went awfully wrong – and got it back to functional – still not 100% xhtml – but it is working) –

PROBLEM – continues to exist with new theme (Twenty Ten 1.0) –
The Archive-widget returned briefly (then disappeared), and the TAG-cloud is displaying IF you scroll to the bottom of the page. (big sigh)

UPDATED – 3:15pm – Found the problem in post – “Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2)” – where I have made a number of formatting changes both manually in the HTML and Via the wordpress-GUI, … and so causing the Theme to Break, and display erratically, (All fixed now)

THIS – could be useful in future –

net neutrality

GOOGLED: net neutrality (AND; Some of the links pasted below)




Friday 12, 2010 – The group, Anonymous, blocked the main government website and, the Australian parliament’s homepage, for a second day running in protest over controversial plans to filter the internet.

Codenamed “Operation: Titstorm”, the hacking campaign involves hundreds of people from around the world and used a technique called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to jam web traffic, one of the protesters said.

The main-stream media (TV) – is not reporting on this much (Or, I have stopped watching), and so, ..  ANY good ‘Internet-Search’ reveals a wealth of information on these topics).  – I hope to follow up soon on this topic, from the technical angle, without the political-hype, lies, and deception provided by bias reporters, and hence provide my-own biased opinion.

AND – Google; Operation Tits storm

TED – 4chan’s moot takes pro-anonymity to TED 2010

In the closing minutes, moot’s purpose for speaking became clear: he insisted that anonymity is a good thing, yet we’re all giving it up voluntarily. He wasn’t talking about the NSA or tech policy or anything like that. Rather, he said sites like 4chan may go the way of the dinosaur because people are choosing to join social networking sites and persistent identity services. One of the ‘Net’s greatest strengths is disappearing as a result, but moot claimed that sites like 4chan show that a lot of good can come of anonymity, too. He seemed puzzled as to why everyone wants their identity tied to so much of what they say and do online. Do people hold back? Do they censor themselves? The power of being able to say or post whatever you want is undeniably strong, but moot didn’t speak to the dangers of anonymity.

FINALLY; – (I found these two comments – to be accurate and insightful ~ From URL;

daniel marsh Posted at 4:41 PM February 12, 2010
Why do people keep saying it’s a child porn filter?? Conroy wants to censor sites like youtube for goodness sakes. it’s about banning anything and everything he doesn’t like not just child porn.

GE of Canberra Posted at 4:23 PM February 12, 2010
This just demonstrates how underprepared the government is to make sweeping changes to internet access. I predicted cyber attacks in response to the filter months ago, I can’t believe the government are so naive, and to now see them flailing around helpless against simple DDOS attacks is pathetic. This internet filter issue is waking a sleeping giant, DDOS is surely just the tip of the iceberg. The underground community have more resources and are more organised than what people give them credit for. How can they seriously complain about these attacks not being a legitimate form of political protest, when they are pushing this filter ahead without any public consultation in the first place? What goes around comes around.

Calendar Start Date

Modem / Router – Have a ‘calendar-start-date’ (Jan 1 1970)

CONCEPT: ‘Date-Handling’

EXTENDED: date handling on machines in the world today

QUOTE: [From url;] “Most programs work out their dates from a perpetual second counter – 86400 seconds per day counting from Jan 1 1970”.

A LITTLE BIT MORE; (Text pasted below from url 2038-Bug, all adds up to a more-complete picture – THIS provides a information about WHY my 1st DLink modem and router, contained the 1970’s date, which is a start-point, LIKE ‘as if time started here)

Of course we now know that the prevalence of computers that would fail because of this error was greatly exaggerated by the media. Computer scientists were generally aware that most machines would continue operating as usual through the century turnover, with the worst result being an incorrect date. This prediction withstood through to the new millennium. Affected systems were tested and corrected in time, although the correction and verification of those systems was monumentally expensive.

There are however several other problems with date handling on machines in the world today. Some are less prevalent than others, but it is true that almost all computers suffer from one critical limitation. Most programs work out their dates from a perpetual second counter – 86400 seconds per day counting from Jan 1 1970.

OTHER LINKS; (That pointed me towards this topic)



#3: google ~ 2038+bug (Do more research as required)

Comment / Post  By Rashad Brubach reference for THIS post

Linchpin-School-Is-A-Scam ~ AUTHOR – Seth Godin

This bloke  has saved me a lot of work. Author Seth Goddin. He writes so well.


School was invented by industrialists to achieve two goals:

1. teach kids to be compliant factory workers
2. teach kids to achieve social success by buying stuff.

So, we activate and reward the lizard brain and build up the resistance. We teach kids to be quiet, to follow instructions, to color inside the lines and to do what they’re told. Andrew Carnegie and Woodrow Wilson got what they wanted. We churn out factory workers in the millions now. But… what happens when we don’t need rules followers any more? What happens when we need creative artists, rule makers and people willing to make things happen?

read the book – The book is titled ‘

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (Hardcover)
~ Seth Godin (Author) Visit Amazon’s Seth Godin Page

 Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (Hardcover) ~ Seth Godin
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (Author) ~ Seth Godin


ADvertisement-From; >>>  ‘A’ Global Hosting Provider <<<

This is the sequence  of links that lead to a nice (flash-Video) overview/summary of this topic – which I liked enough, .. to post some links here.


On the ‘Third-Section’ of this Virtual-Tour – There is a nice description about ‘mitigating’ DDOS attacks, which is interesting to know that there is something that can be done when this sort of attack is underway.

KEY-WORD: Googled – > Arbor peak flow < This leads onto a LOT of other stuff – LIKE ‘Comprehensive Threat Management‘ -, ..


Python – Lexical analysis

A Python program is read by a parser. Input to the parser is a stream of tokens, generated by the lexical analyzer. This chapter describes how the lexical analyzer breaks a file into tokens.

Just interested in the “operators” towards the BOTTOM of the following url;

2.5. Operators

The following tokens are operators:

+       -       *       **      /       //      %
<<      >>      &       |       ^       ~
<       >       <=      >=      ==      !=