Skype (Ubuntu 10.04, installation on usb stick)

It works! UP-DATED – Mon 8 Nov 2010 – The chat components works – (Today testing the audio, .. and this laptop r61-lenovo requires some ‘configuration’ to make work, .. so will try an external microphone to capture audio) – Audio works! Google search – ‘Download Linux Skype v.‘ – Downloaded and Installed Skype … Continue reading “Skype (Ubuntu 10.04, installation on usb stick)”

usb delayed write – (some explanation)

FROM: Remove_Sticks_Safely.pdf [APC – Magazine; Page-102 ~ February 2008] When you write data to a USB storage device, there’s no guarantee the data is written at that exact moment. This is the result of the operating system storing up read and write jobs so they can be executed in a single batch – speeding up … Continue reading “usb delayed write – (some explanation)”

USB printer using LPT1 port

USER; Jonna (Has the following question) Trying to print with USB printer using LPT1 port THE SENARIO: – Looking for a little help from someone who can help me print to my USB printer using my LPT1 port? – We have an old genealogy software program that does not recoginze USB printers. Any ideas? – … Continue reading “USB printer using LPT1 port”

Computer ports -(Serial)-

While most new computers sold in 2010, will not have serial -/- parallel ports, you might wonder why serial-ports might be of interest. Most industrial automation still use the RS-232 and RS-485 protocols for network communications, monitoring and control systems, (amongst others). Not claiming to be an expert of these technologies, just a keen interest … Continue reading “Computer ports -(Serial)-“

Siemens provided industrial control package

Google-Search = Siemens provided industrial control package Peter Melzer – Provides a nice over-view -/- insight into the Stuxnet-worm Google-Search = large scale industrial processes Today, U.S. national security planners are proposing that the 21st century’s critical infrastructure — power grids, communications, water utilities, financial networks — be similarly shielded from cyber marauders and other … Continue reading “Siemens provided industrial control package”

Threat has been detected?

wtf? – Since purchase(ing) Telstra-TURBO-Prepaid-USB-Modem – I get regular notifications via Avast-(anti-virus) – “Threat has been detected” -???- AND; It persists every-time some DCOM thingy does sumfink! uhmph! Do I really need to do SOMETHING about this error message -???- Previous efforts on the topic – pasted below – (Why should I re-write this? – … Continue reading “Threat has been detected?”

enable high-speed 2.0 support -?- (vmware browser appliance)

SENARIO – Telstra (Pre-Paid) usb Turbo-Modem – Is NOT working for vmware browser-appliance “Ubuntu 5.10” (Breezy Bader) – note – I have been using this tool since 2005 on various desktops running XP-professional, .. Now – have recently updated to the  NEW vmware-player (ver 3) – and expecting it to work on the ibm-r61 laptop … Continue reading “enable high-speed 2.0 support -?- (vmware browser appliance)”

preserve changes (persistent mode)

This tool at “pendrivelinux” – looks to be a tool that will help resolve the persistent-mode (preserve changes) – on USB-Linux-OS(s), … (follow the link below) There is a number of other article(s) here on this topic – (Read and follow the tools required to do what you need) The post might seem a … Continue reading “preserve changes (persistent mode)”

Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2)

CHANGED WRITE PERMISSION(s) – SENARIO = THIS; – Needed permissions to “Write-Files” into the plugins directory. This browser (Iceweasel), ..  is some derivative from the Firefox stable. And it is the default browser with this distro. The default behaviour, where it reverts to its original-state after shut-down -/- reboot, .. deletes any files left on … Continue reading “Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2)”