Threat has been detected?

wtf? – Since purchase(ing) Telstra-TURBO-Prepaid-USB-Modem – I get regular notifications via Avast-(anti-virus) – “Threat has been detected” -???- AND; It persists every-time some DCOM thingy does sumfink! uhmph!

Exploit-Blocked - (Dont want -/- need to think ANY more about this error message?)
Exploit-Blocked - (Dont want -/- need to think ANY more about this error message?)

Do I really need to do SOMETHING about this error message -???-

Previous efforts on the topic – pasted below – (Why should I re-write this? – BUT; – now I have to make it into something that “reads-in-a-linear” manner, … and add some useful-links, … maybe a picture, … (more effort required)
dcomcnfg.exe – THIS – COMMAND; – Opens ‘a’ console called “Component Services”

It is a new one for me – Never needed to adjust these setting until now { Recently purchase a Telstra-Prepaid-USB-Modem-MODEL -???-}

THIS-CONSOLE;- Also contains “plugin-components”, …

#1: – Component Services
#2: – Event Viewer (Local)
#3: – Services (Local)

– 5:17pm Wednesday 11 August 2010 –

GOOGLED – dcom exploit


As of now – (Monday 23 August 2010) – I have not made any changes to my system, … (maybe I need to be poking around a little bit to CHECK this dcom-FEATURE is turned off, …

THIS-BIT; – (Makes sense to me) – QUOTED – (from Steve-Gibsons “DCOMbobulator” tool)

Enabling & Disabling DCOM

Almost no one needs DCOM and it should
NEVER be left running if it is not needed.

DCOM is a seldom used technology built into Windows to allow system and application components to inter-operate across a network. Microsoft appears to have gone a little overboard with DCOM (aside from having it always running when it’s almost never needed). Unlikely Windows applications such as Paintbrush, Sound Recorder, Voice Dictation Manager (whatever that is), Media Player, and WordPad, are all “DCOM ready” and waiting to be taken over by someone else on your network, or over the public Internet. How handy.

UPDATED-POST; – “The computer says no” – Stop searching for something that does NOT exist? – (When do you stop searching?) – some people dont think of searching – (added emphasis on “SEARCH-skill-sets”) –

PS – an added note – that helps explain WHAT/WHY Mirco$oft(s) DCOM-Feature, … is, .. is not. Read the paragraphs titled –
The strange history of DCOM
What does all this have to do with you?
What does DCOM do for you?

It is NOT very long or complicated – Steve has this way – of taking me on a journey – Distracted by his friendly -and- clear writing style – VISIT – – (There goes the next hour or two) – Thanks Steve for making this page, and presenting it in such an easily accessible form.